Tuesday 29 November 2011

The Power of Sleep!

So last night I hardly slept. I'm on so many infusions from 10pm they don't finish until about 1am, so the machines are constantly beeping. Then they fitted me with an adrenalin drip, which was a needle straight in my arm muscle. It just made my heart race though so I told them to take it out.

The diabetic nurse is insisting on a strict insulin routine which isn't even working. I have to wake up at 3am to have a blood sugar check and take more insulin. So yeah, hardly slept last night and have been trying to catch up all day.

Overall, my chest feels a lot clearer and relaxed. I haven't actually cleared hardly any mucus in the last few days but I think that just means these new antibiotics are working well.

Hopefully I'll get a better sleep tonight. Mum stayed in the nurses accommodation last night and tonight again. Dad came for a few hours after work and massaged my feet which was JUST what I needed with all the water retention in them. Chris came in the evening for a few hours and kept me company. I miss being home with him a lot. I miss our big comfortable bed and our Chinese takeaways :)

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