Wednesday 23 November 2011


Sorry I didn't write yesterday, but I simply had no energy.  I started sleeping without the NIV but I was up at 3am with a low blood sugar and had the munchies really bad.  Scoffed some Twiglets, Dr Pepper and Twirl Bites and that got it back up to normal levels.  The Gastrografin worked well and I was cleared out within a few hours.  I went back to sleep on the NIV for about an hour.  Woke up to go to the toilet and just couldn't get off it.  I was all breathless again.  Heart rate 163 and temperature 38.8.  I text mum at about 8am just saying 'Need u' and she came down as soon as she could =]

The physio came as soon as she could and her and a nurse helped me back in to bed.  Then began the long, painful and tiring process of getting the mucus up.  In total, I had about 4 physio sessions yesterday all about an hour long.  Sleeping in between.  I literally drip with sweat at the moment, so they have to keep changing my pillow cases.  We found the best way to do physio is lying on my side and them pushing down really hard to empty my lungs for me until something comes up.  Must have cleared a whole cup overall yesterday - there was a lot there.

I couldn't get off the NIV to eat, so they gave me a feed through my stomach tube and gave me what tablets they could as liquid through there too.  Dad turned up at...I can't remember what time.  I was so exhausted, I was struggling to support my own head.  They did another x-ray, more bloods, and a blood gas.  The blood gas was fine, so that means the transfer of the gases from my lungs to my blood is good and they don't need to worry about giving me too much oxygen.  The x-ray was worse and the infection markers were up again.  With all my symptoms, they really think it's a viral thing.  They took throat and nose swabs and put me back on Tamiflu.  They've also put me on regular paracetamol IV, which is keeping my temperature down and my heart rate down so that's really the only one I care about lol.  They've also changed my antibiotics to ones I've never had before.  So far so good, hopefully I don't react to them or anything.

Today was a bit better in that I'm more comfortable and have a bit more energy.  The physio hasn't been very successful though today.  My chest is all irritated so every time they push down, I just start dry coughing with nothing coming up.  Really annoying and not helping the whole throat situation.  My glands keep going up and down so it feels sore when I swallow.

It's been rough lately, but I'm just having to take it one day at a time.


  1. Awww dude, I really feel for you. I don't know what to say except just try to keep up a positive attitude, even though I imagine it must seem impossible sometimes, but I really think mindset helps. I'm wishing you all the best from here in FP. xxx

  2. Aisling I hope you feeling more comfortable this afternoon. You are such an amazing person with enormous courage. It must be an O'Reagan thing. Hope your improving steadily as I want to make your cake but only when your able to eat it!Dont want your brothers eating it all!!
    Wishing you much love