Friday 23 December 2011

Aisling is at Peace

This is Aisling's dad. Our beautiful daughter passed away quickly and peacefully in my arms at 11:15am this morning. She is at peace now...


  1. May you rest in the peace of your God and may your Fiance and family take strength at this very sad time.

    Bless you

  2. Rest In Peace Aisling. Our prayers are with you and your family.

    Jonathan, Ian, Eileen and Paul

  3. Aisling, i still have the letter you wrote me one day in business studies. I don't normally keep letters from people but yours meant something to me, and i've kept it in a box ever since.
    After i heard the news of your passing i got out that letter read it over and over again - its the only thing i have of you, but i know now if i ever get sad or have a bad day again i will read it and remind myself of the strength you kept up every moment of your life.
    im so happy to have met you and to be called your friend. You weren't just strong and optimistic for yourself, you picked up everyone else's bad moods and turned them around - you put a smile on everyone's face with your bubbly and outgoing nature. And i will never forget your laugh, it filled up an entire room.
    I know that you're gone, but you will never be forgotten. I wish i could meet people more like you.
    I'm glad you are no longer suffering and i hope that where ever you are you're smiling. My thoughts are with your family now and
    You will always be in my heart, i love you Aisling - I wish we never drifted


  4. I'm so sorry for you and your family. I've been following your daughter's blog for a while now since my aunt (Helen Ebdon) made me aware of it.

    I never had the privelege of meeting Aisling, but her courage and strength of character shone through in her words. To deal with the hand that life dealt her, with such positivity and fortitude is nothing short of miraculous.

    I hope that she is at peace, and that your family can use this holiday period to remember her fondly.

    Siobhan Baynes.

  5. Denis,
    So sorry to hear about your daughter. I have followed her blog since you mentioned it in a newsletter. You must be very proud of such a wonderful brave girl. Our thoughts are with you and your family.

    Stephen Goodwin

  6. Our family has known Aisling since they moved to Furneux Pelham many years ago. We have many, many fond memories of her, she was a very thoughtful and caring person who showed so much courage, determination and (not forgetting) humour) throughout her life. Although we knew Aisling was very poorly and were following her blogs and facebook comments we were not prepared for the awful news of her death. Our wishes and thoughts go out to her family and we can only take solice from the fact that she is finally pain free and at peace. God bless you Aisling, may you look down on us all and help us to laugh, cry and remember the good times. The Lane family. xxx

  7. I never met Aisling or really knew any of her family but I have heard her story through a good friend and colleague; I was shocked to hear of her passing at such a tragically young age. I have been very moved by the courage and positivity she has shown throughout her short life. I cannot begin to imagine how you, as her parents, must be feeling at a time like this - again I am struck by the tremendous courage and strength you have shown as you have stayed by her side and cared for her for these 20 years. You must be so proud of your lovely brave daughter who was still optimistic and looking forward even while she was feeling so ill. I am not a religious person by I truly hope and pray that she is at peace now and in a better place.
    There are no words adequate for this situation but I hope Aisling's family can take some comfort from the heartfelt sympathy even from total strangers such as myself.
    Val(friend of Valerie-Anne)