Friday 9 December 2011

Bad News vs Good News!

Yesterday, I woke up with a temperature of 38.9 and heart rate of 150 at rest.  Not good.  I wasn't feeling breathless and panicky with it like I have before though.  I just felt FULL of mucus.  It was coming up so easily though - I literally cleared half a cup of the gunk!  Felt so much better afterwards though.

Thursday is ward round day, which means the consultant, the dietician, the physio, the CF nurse specialist, the pharmacist and the doctors below the consultant all come to see how you're doing and decide on the next course of action.  So they came around yesterday and said that unfortunately with my spike in temperature today and high heart rate, they just can't risk putting me in the back of an ambulance and travelling to Harefield on Monday.  So the transplant assessment is off.  I wasn't surprised with how unfit I am generally anyway that they said I can't go.  Dad was though.  I think he was a bit shocked and Mark, the CF nurse specialist, said that he looked a bit deflated when they told us.  I just thought, well, feeling sorry for myself isn't going to acheive anything so on we battle!

This morning, Mark came in to have a chat.  They'd received an email from Harefield and my consultant had spoken to the transplant consultant.  They've decided to make an exception and are doing the transplant assessment tests here.  I then just have to arrange to go in for a half day appointment at Harefield for the psychological assessment and to meet the team and familiarise myself with the hospital.  Pretty damn good!  Everything's happening now - makes me excited for what I could do with new lungs again! EEEEEEEEE!

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  1. thats pretty awesome, to think they're coming to you and its really gonna happen. Such good news, hun. Why didn't anyone think of that before! great solution. Right, little one, keep focused, keep up the hard work, you're nearly there, so very nearly there. much love xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx