Monday 19 December 2011

Bit brighter today!

Brendan and Robyn came to see me. Dad stayed in my room last night on the spare mattresses they had for relatives here. Robyn gave me a pedicure and because I can't bite my nails with the NIV on, they've grown, so she could give me a manicure too!

Aunty Heather has been to see me too. She's not a blood aunty, she's become known as aunty because she looked after us so much as babies. Someone at her work place make this giant Christmas cracker, but I'm not allowed to open it until Xmas! Makes me even more curious to see what's inside.

They've done most of the tests for the transplant assessment. They have to do a 24 hr urine collection and i can't walk to the toilet yet so they've had to put a catheter in. It stings every time I cough or sneeze ugh it's just so uncomfortable! least it's just for 24 hrs anyway...phew!

I've been given a big thick book from harefield which tells you in detail about every aspect of the transplant. I'll be reading it tonight and note any questions I have. Hopefully I can sleep tonight with this catheter in...eww!

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