Thursday 22 December 2011

Christmas Time

I was hoping to be able to go home for a few hours for Christmas dinner and presents. However, reality is, I'm just not strong enough. I'm still on the NIV most of the time.

I feel like my chest is good now, but i've lost so much muscle and strength. It's a long way up from here. Had another iron infusion to try and boost my red blood cells. Yesterday I got up loads, but today nothing! I started a new feed regime to try and get me more rest at night, doing bolus feeds in the day - so just quickly pushing it in with a syringe every few hours. Just made me not want to eat though, plus it's an extra thing to do. I'm going back to overnight feeds tonight. Phew :)

I have all the presents for my family here. No wrapping paper, so I just took prices off and delivery notes out and put them back in the box/bag they came in. I used some medical tape to put tags on them - sorted! Lol. Mum's bringing me Xmas dinner on the day and her, dad, Brendan, Robyn and Declan are all bringing the family presents so we can open them here. I'm excited.

Wonder if I'm ever going to get out of this place some times...sighh...

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