Tuesday 6 December 2011

Good Days vs. Bad Days

Yesterday started off bad. I woke up with a temperature and high heart rate again. Full of mucus and finding it hard to breathe.

My nurse call bell had dropped on the floor so I was stuck...began throwing things at my door window to try and get attention. No one came. I clamped my line so my machine would go off, then a nurse came in and started fussing over the line. I eventually explained to her that I'd done it on purpose because no one was coming. She said she thought she heard something but just thought it was something falling down so didn't bother to check...lol

I wrote to the nurse that I need a Physio NOW and to call mum. She got hold of the Physio and she was here by about 8am. She was annoying me because she kept asking me questions when I just needed to clear the mucus. We eventually got on to that and thankfully it was clearing really easily. I felt soo much better afterwards!

I did another Physio session later on and cleared even more. By the evening, I was off the NIV and on my normal oxygen eating halloumi cheese and toffee yoghurt!

Today, I've woken up feeling good and pretty clear in my chest. Just wonder where all that mucus came from. Hopefully it won't flare up again. On Friday, the consultant will make the final decision on whether I'm stable enough to go to Harefield for the 3 day transplant assessment on Monday. Fingers crossed...

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  1. Keep on being strong, we are all thinking of you through the rough times. Much love from EDM lovers all over the world.

    Kindest regards,
    Rachel Rixham