Sunday 4 December 2011


The last few days have been tough, mentally. I still need to be here but the tiniest things are really irritating me. I just want one day where noone comes in my room, but they have to so that's never going to happen.

Friday I managed a walk with the Physio half way down the corridor and back. Then again later on with Dad, I managed the same distance. My calves are aching from it but it's a good ache. The kind of ache that means your body's getting the message to work properly.

Yesterday I managed another little walk. I was in a lot of pain with my chest muscles. They stopped my regular paracetamol to check my temperatures weren't spiking without them knowing. I guess my body was used to it so once they took it away I was just in pain for hours. They gave me paracetamol, ibuprofen, diclofenac and they were all slowly taking the edge off. It wasn't until about 4pm that I felt ok and able to come off the NIV.

The doc said yesterday that my blood results are the best she's seen for me for a while. The infection markers are right down, so the antibiotics have really done the trick!

The diabetes nurse is insisting on a weird insulin regime for my feeds. I have to take a long acting and short acting one at the start of the feed, then they check my blood sugars 5 hours in. I worked out a way around it - start the feed at 7pm lol then blood sugar at 12am then I'll at least get a good 7 hours sleep :)

In the mean time, back home, Chris is studying and cleaning and cooking. Sighh...I miss home!!


  1. That's awesome,Hun. Well done you! Mammoth step, excuse the pun!, forward. Bet its great to have mum or dad stay. Such a morale boost. Deccie came round the other day with aloe vera plant he had grown to say thanks for come cooking I had done for the family. Boy is he tall now!! quite the handsome young man although thought a tad too skinny. Loved the plant especially the bright pink pot it was in!!! Honeybunny, its wonderful that you have definitely turned the corner and maintained the position,too. Keep it up, no need to say stay focused cos you so obviously are. Much love Sue xxxxxxx

  2. Hiya I have CF too and I've just found your blog, I think it's great! xx