Wednesday 7 December 2011

New Look Blog!!

Getting a bit bored in the evenings now.  Being on such a high dose of steroids definitely makes me restless.  Feel like I need to be doing something constructive all the time - really get my teeth in to something!  Good job Mum bought me a huge Sudoku book to do lol.

I've messed around with my blog layout a bit.  I hope it doesn't confuse anyone.  There's a drop down menu on the left so you can view it in different ways (Flipcard is my favourite).  I think it looks nicer anyways!

Today was an okay day.  I woke up at 4am with a really dry cough.  Caught the odd hour of sleep here and there since then.  Me and the doc decided to try doing my feed during the day instead of overnight.  Unfortunately, the insulin doses I'd been taking were for overnight when my sugars are usually really high.  So they told me to take my usual doses and I went hypo.

This is when there isn't enough sugar in the blood, so it makes me feel verrry drowsy.  It's very hard to stay conscious and you just have to focus on something or keep talking to someone so you don't drift off.  The normal range for blood sugars is 5 to 8.  Mine was 2.9 this morning, so it was pretty bad.  I was given a tube of glucose gel to swallow.  It's just pure glucose so doesn't taste bad.  I also sipped on a Dr Pepper. An hour later and I was still 2.9!  Had another tube of glucose and more Dr Pepper.  Another hour later 6.3 - FINALLY!  I then had a good sleep.

After my sleep, I texted the physio to say I'm ready when she is.  (Makes SUCH a difference that the team here all have mobiles for patients to contact them on.)  She came, we cleared a few bits and I went for a walk.  My calves were so tight!  We walked all the way to the end of the corridor and sat down.  She stretched and massaged my calves for me and we walked back a bit faster.  My chest muscles hardly hurt as well - I made sure I had paracetamol and ibuprofen before we did any walking.

Mum is being a star and organising my car MOT and test drove some new cars for me.  The physio says I can have a battery pack for the NIV that lasts 7 hours so I can go and sit in the cars and pick one.  Unfortunately one of them has a waiting list so I wouldn't be able to get it until March - NOT an option with being on the transplant list.

Mum's just being a star generally.  Dad's doing his best between work, which I completely understand.  He's being a star too!  The last thing I want is for them to start struggling financially - stress no one ever needs!  He gives me foot massages which really relax my breathing.  They both stayed Monday night and Mum stayed again Tuesday night.  She left this afternoon to sort out the whole car thing.

Sian, my usual masseuse, came to visit me briefly on Sunday.  She did some reflexology on me.  For anyone that hasn't had reflexology - you're missing out!  It's the most relaxing thing EVER.  Sian is amazing at back massage too - always finds the right spots and I always cough up loads after.  It's funny because I never realise how tense my chest muscles are until she's done her magic!  To see her website, click here.

Chris came to visit yesterday.  I miss him so much.  He does so much for me so in a way, it's a nice break for him with me in hospital.  I just want to be home with him in our big new bed playing my xbox and eating chinese!  I'm sure it'll happen eventually.  I am making progress - it's just very slow and I'm an impatient person!

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  1. Hi Aisling, yeah, really like the new page layout. How clever are you! I wouldn't have a danny la rue! i.e. a clue.
    My god, how on earth do you know where to go when your condition changes all the time? Experience I suppose. You know your needs so well and can spot subtle changes. You are your own expert!
    It was so lovely seeing mum and dad and Brendan at Marie's on Sunday. We only popped in for a drink as Rachel and Ally, her gorgeous partner came for supper. but it was nice that Rachel wanted to see them, too.
    Keep on walking and you'll be running to Harefield, you'll see! we are all thinking of you and are so proud of your recent achievements, keep it up, baby! lots of love xxxxx Sue xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx