Monday 12 December 2011

So it begins...

Today was an okay day. Bit of a temperature and 130 heart rate due to loads of mucus again. I got up some of it but it's pretty hard to get up now it's all down the bottom. Mum's been here a lot and even just having her sit with me is comforting. Dad's been coming after work and bringing all his gadgets with him like nice headphones and iPhone speakers so I can listen to my music.

They've started the transplant assessment tests. They did my liver ultrasound and it's all normal and good :) I'm currently wearing a heart tape thing which traces your heart for 24 hours. They took a lot of blood from my port for more blood tests. So everything's underway which is awesome!!

Chris goes back home tomorrow for a couple of weeks :( I think he needs the time off lol. I'll still miss him everyday. They gave me a different mask for my NIV. It's a lot more comfortable. The old one had a strap around the forehead that i think was giving me tension headaches.

I haven't walked for a few days now. Honestly, I feel I've become dependent on the NIV. It's hard to have to use my muscles suddenly when the NIV has been doing all the work for me. The Physio has a plan to exercise me on the NIV and get me as fit as possible then I can walk better without it when it comes down to it.


  1. Hi little one, been waiting with baited breath for you next update! Good to see its all positive and that tests are under way. Must be huge relief for you all. Bet Chris is torn, going home and being so far away. Still you can skype each other. I skype Matt each week which is great but he has house mates who watch the tv where he has his camera so can't see his smiley face these days. He hasn't seen Tilly, our puppy, yet. He says he is going camping for Christmas so probably wont be able to skype him on Christmas day either. Still he says Christmas is cancelled as he wont be here with us. ~Its just another day. Hopefully he will come in August and we can have our Christmas then. That'll be strange. It'll be hot (?) like his Christmas in Australia!
    Can you eat cake yet? Made one for family and dad put picture on Facebook. Looks good. I'll make you one just for yourself, let me know. Take care and continue to have positive week. Much love Sue

  2. Hi! I wish you are going to be well soon... never be sad for any reason! even if it's hard but remember that being sad will change nothing anyway!!!

    I'm atheist so I will not pray for you but I send you too much love and I hope you will be well very soon... you got a great family and brother (much of us don't have anybody around them even when they get ill).

    be strong and enjoy life as much as you can... and try to be the one who reconfort others and put a smile on their faces!

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